"Mereka pesan kopi, namun mereka tidak pesan makanan."

Translation:They ordered coffee, however they did not order food.

August 16, 2018



Namun is usually translated as 'however', as it's more formal than 'tapi' for 'but'.

August 16, 2018



August 16, 2018


Why is the answer past tense?

August 17, 2018


It is one possible translation. "They order coffee, but they do not order food" would also be correct.

August 19, 2018


To my understanding, there is no tense in Bahasa. The time which a sentence is referring depends only on the conversation context. Using pass tense for the sentence seems more logical in general.

Although you can argue this is a conversation between waiters, in which case, describing a gang of usual customers that always only order coffee in the waiters' restaurant.

August 23, 2018


Namun is more accurate as "however" and should be considered correct

August 20, 2018


What makes this answer past tense for ‘ordered’ instead of ‘order’? How can you tell?

August 19, 2018


In English we mark tense on our verbs, but Indonesian doesn't. It's all understood through context. But if you want to make the time explicit, you can use adverbs. For example, "sudah" indicates that a verb was completed in the past, and "akan" indicates that the verb will take place in the future.

So, for this sentence ("Mereka pesan kopi, namun mereka tidak pesan makanan"), past tense is just one option. It can also be translated as "they are ordering coffee, but they aren't ordering food."

Hope that helped.

September 15, 2018


You can´t. It depends on the context.

November 3, 2018


Wouldn't "They ordered coffee, but did not order food" also work?

August 26, 2018


It should do. I must admit to being a little frustrated to feel this course is judging my English (I'm a native English speaker) when what I'm actually trying to do is get into the mind and way of speaking of an Indonesian!

September 19, 2018


A user explained that Namun should only be used at the beginning.Is it wrong here or there is no such rule?

December 21, 2018


and just what is it about this sentence that makes it passive instead of present they order coffee however they do not order food was my translation but was not excepted

May 29, 2019


In English one could simply say " They ordered coffee, but not food" and this would be a valid, and perhaps a better, translation of the Indonesian sentence.

July 24, 2019


I think that if the tense it to change between clauses in the one sentence, then temporal markers should be used.

August 23, 2018


again.... pass tense and present tense issues

February 24, 2019
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