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  5. "Wir lesen eine Speisekarte."

"Wir lesen eine Speisekarte."

Translation:We are reading a menu.

March 29, 2013



What is the difference between a "Menü" and a "Speisekarte" ?



Menu = Complete Meal

Speisekarte=A presentation of food and beverage offerings


So if you went to someone's house for a dinner party and you asked what was on the menu you would use 'Menu'. But if you were in a restaurant and wanted to see their menu you would use 'Speisekarte'?


In Europe there are lots of places where you get can a menu. A complete meal (normally lunch) for a lower price. This is very common in Spain but have seen it in Germany a few times as well.


So Menü is like a 'combo meal' with the food, sides, drinks, etc all in one? And Speisekarte is like a menu?


When you go over to McDonald's and you ask for a "(____) Menü", they will ask you if you want a medium or large sized meal. (With fries, drink and what type of sauce you want).


From the discussions below, I would conclude that "Menü" is what we would call a "set meal" at the restaurant, such as a "Happy Meal" at McDonald's which would include the fries and coke, whereas a "Speisekarte" is what we would call a "menu", the card or booklet or paper that lists all the food etc. Am I right?


i have the same question. What's the difference between the two? Is one more common than the other? Or is one more formal?


Das Menü und Die Speisekarte

Right ?!?


Is a "Menü" something that depends on the restaurant's seasonal offerings? Like fruits in season or catch of the day? whilst "Speisekarte" is a full list that is available no matter the time of year? wonders


Speisekarte is the list of everything the restaurant sells to eat or drink. It's the physical paper or cardboard if you want. A "Menü" is a special and specific combination of things that makes a complete meal (appetizer + main course + dessert OR main course + dessert for instance) you can get for (usually) a cheaper price than the sum of the prices of the individual items. In France as far as I know you typically have these kind of deals at lunch, when people are more likely to only order a main course.


Ohh. I understand better now. Thanks! ^^


I think Speisekarte is a Menucard(a list of food and beverage items with price) that we normally get at a Restaurant. Whereas a Menu is a combo meal or any food item that is offered by the Restaurant as a meal option.


Menu is feminine, and I get that's why 'eine' is there, but I thought this context was accusatory. If I'm eating an apple it's "Ich esse einEN Apfel" but if I'm reading a menu it's "Ich esse einE Speisekarte"? If it's accusatory, it would say ein Speisakarte, right? What makes this not accusatory?


The accusatory only changes masculine nouns. Masculine ein changes to einen but neutral ein and feminine eine stay the same.

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