"Saya kuat."

Translation:I am strong.

August 16, 2018



So, this sentence works like the Russian "Я сильный", where there is no word for "am"?


i think so! this is a common linguistic phenomenon known as zero coupla, and it also occurs in turkish, japanese, and some dialects of english, among many others. it's important to note though that even in languages with zero coupla, "to be" can only be dropped in certain contexts -- like how in Russian быть can only be omitted in the present tense. i don't know enough about indonesian to say, but i'd guess that other tenses require "to be," so don't get too used to leaving it out :p


Seems like it. The only difference is that adjectives don't have gendered endings in Indonesian (at least that's what I think)


To clear things Up for everyone. Saya means I am, so saya kuat means I am strong. Itu means that/those so it really makes no sense.


what does kuat mean? im kind of a begginer with this thing so sorry if i am bothering anyone with this Q


Saya kuat : i am strong

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I am robust should be accepted

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