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  5. "But I do not know."

"But I do not know."

Translation:Namun saya tidak tahu.

August 16, 2018



"tetapi" should be accepted like "tapi"


"tetapi" should be accepted like "tapi"

Normally (formally) you don't use "tetapi" or "tapi" at the beginning of a sentence.
"Tetapi" & "tapi" are used to connect two sentences, and appear in between the two sentences (after the comma).

That's probably the reason that "namun" is used here.
"Namun" can appear at the beginning of a sentence.
It translates to ""however" or "but".

Personally I don't have a problem if you start a sentence with "tapi".
However I don't know (Namun saya tidak tahu) if Duolingo accepts "tetapi" or "tapi" as a correct translation for this sentence.


my apologies i wasn't clear. so my answer was "tetapi saya tidak tahu." which was marked wrong, and it suggested "tapi saya tidak tahu." as the answer. I was pointing out that they accepted "tapi" but rejected "tetapi"


Aha...okay.....that's funny...
"tetapi" is more formal than "tapi".
So, if "tapi" is accepted, then "tetapi" should also be accepted.


Thanks, reporting


There seem to be some errors in the corrections, as "Namun saya tidak tahu" is not shown.

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