"We eat."

Translation:Kami makan.

August 16, 2018

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Is there a difference between "kita" and "kami"?

  • Kami means “we” but excludes the person or persons you are talking to.
  • Kita, on the other hand, includes the person or persons you are talking to.



Kami makan. This means that I and someone else eat, but not including you.

Kita makan. This means that someone else, I and also "you" eat or it could be only you and me.


In daily conversations, we use 'kita' more often than 'kami'. In fact, i've never heard someone said 'kami' in their conversations. Except for writing or poetry.


this is true because "kita" sounds more casual and "kami" sounds more formal. it is because most indonesians think those two have the same meaning. actually they are different! both refer to the plural first persons (we). the difference is that "kita" also includes the second person (the one/ones you are talking to). "kami" exclusively means the plural first persons only, and also can be used to emphasize that the second person is not included in the mentioned activity.


I'm filipino And the use of Kami and Kita are basically the same. Kami excludes the person you are talking to and Kita includes them with you


Not exactly. In Tagalog, "kitá" has a very unique purpose. It denotes an action of the first person towards the second person. For example, "papatayin kitá" (I will kill you). It indicates both subject and object.

A better counterpart from Tagalog is tayo (we + the second person) vs kamí (we - the 2nd person).


Why "kita makan" is not accepted ?


It should be accepted


What is the diference between "Kami makan" and "Kami memakan"?

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