"Because they read the book."

Translation:Karena mereka membaca buku itu.

August 16, 2018

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I had the exercise where one chooses one of three sentences. The correct sentence is as above, except it does not say "itu," but rather "tersebut." Is this another word that means "that"? Is it really an appropriate translation for "the"?


It's in the word bank option, too. Also without definition.


''Karena mereka membaca buku ini'' Why is "buku ini"" not correct, could be both ini and itu.


'Ini has the same meaning as 'this' and 'itu' is the same as 'that'. When it comes to 'the', you will most likely translate it to 'itu' rather than 'ini'.


I think I was taught not to use either in this context. Would that still be correct?


Like everything, it depends on the context. If the book is close to the speaker, you would use "ini". If the book is far from the speaker, you would use "itu".

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