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Esperanto Stories

Are there future plans to add Esperanto to the stories under the "Labs" tab? Also, is there anyone willing to step up and create an Esperanto event in Houston, TX?

August 16, 2018



1 - Esperanto "Stories" in labs? I'd be happy if Big Duolingo gave the Esperanto team the opportunity to re-record some of the audio in the basic course. (And I always quickly add that I'm sure Duolingo has good reasons for not doing that - presumably they're working on something really cool.) But why wait for Duolingo stories? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Lernu course interactive in the same way the Duolingo Stories is?

2 - Maybe that "anyone" is you.


I have to say though, the Esperanto voice in the course is beautiful. It might not read ALL of the sentences, but it beats the robots in French and Italian any time.


I do use Lernu as well. I just like a variation of different voices and topics. I say, the more experience and varied accents, topics, and resources...the better.


If you can't find what you want here, try esperanto-usa.org. That site lists groups and contact people for Esperanto.

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