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  5. "He writes a book."

"He writes a book."

Translation:Dia menulis buku.

August 16, 2018



In these first Indonesian lessons I've learnt words like "buku" (book), "ini" (this, the) or "aku" (I)....... So, I'm very close to understand the title of one of the best songs by Iwan Fals: "Buku ini aku pinjam" :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUrMrQaIjC4


"I'm borrowing this book" :)


Really? I thought it was "the book I borrowed" or that's what I barely was able to find in the internet.


"the book i borrowed" means "buku yang saya pinjam"


I received a translation that said "Ia menulis buku" instead of dia menulis buku. What is the difference between "Ia" and "Dia" and how do I know which one to use?


They both have the same meaning, but "ia" is more formal than "dia". In writing exercise, your answer should be correct. But if it was listening exercise, you should write exactly what the speaker said.


why don't i have to say "dia menulis sepuah buku" like previous sentences?


Dia - he

Menulis - write

Sebuah - a

Buku - book

Should be correct too. However, in daily conversations, we left out the "a" / "sebuah". We'll just say: "Dia menulis buku". Even more informal: "Dia tulis (base form of "to write") / nulis (get rid of the 'me-') buku".

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