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  5. "Dia minum, saya makan."

"Dia minum, saya makan."

Translation:He drinks, I eat.

August 16, 2018



Well i am not sure... Dia ... it gives me possible answers "she, he, his" How do i know is it a he or she ?


Indonesian pronouns are genderless, so either would be correct.


"Dia" has no gender. By default is "he"


Why by default "he"?



It's a matter of context, and of word order.

Dia could be he or she according to the context. Used as a subject pronoun.

Dia could also be used as a possessive pronoun, and means his or her, but the word order would be different.

For instance: Dia suka (pronoun + verb), means He likes or she likes, depending on the context (so both are accepted here on Duo's exercises, as there's no context).

And Kucing dia (noun + pronoun), means his cat, or her cat.

Used as a possessive pronoun, after a noun, and as a subject pronoun, when it's before a verb.

It's ambiguous but the context and the word order indicates us if it's his/her or she/he.


Why she is wrong? I think "Dia" Has no gender

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