"Dia minum, saya makan."

Translation:He drinks, I eat.

August 16, 2018

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Well i am not sure... Dia ... it gives me possible answers "she, he, his" How do i know is it a he or she ?


Indonesian pronouns are genderless, so either would be correct.


"Dia" has no gender. By default is "he"


Why by default "he"?


no, by default it is they (singular) because it has no gender



It's a matter of context, and of word order.

Dia could be he or she according to the context. Used as a subject pronoun.

Dia could also be used as a possessive pronoun, and means his or her, but the word order would be different.

For instance: Dia suka (pronoun + verb), means He likes or she likes, depending on the context (so both are accepted here on Duo's exercises, as there's no context).

And Kucing dia (noun + pronoun), means his cat, or her cat.

Used as a possessive pronoun, after a noun, and as a subject pronoun, when it's before a verb.

It's ambiguous but the context and the word order indicates us if it's his/her or she/he.


Why she is wrong? I think "Dia" Has no gender


does dia refers to both he and she... please if anybody can reply


Yes, either he or she.


Well at least im Malaysia


This one is wrong , there is no way to know if its she or he , both answer should be good.


What exactly did you put, your complete answer? Also verify which instructions Duolingo gave you this time. The word "its" is a possessive form of it which would have something following that belongs to it. The contraction of "it is" would be "it's". If the instructions were to translate to English, which are not always the instructions, then if you put "She drinks. I eat." then it should also be correct and if it was not accepted as correct, then please report it as also correct.


He drinks. I eat. Dr. Phil, can our marriage be saved???


"He drinks" sounds like consumption of alcohol. Out of curiosity, what would the alcaholic version of that expression be in Indonesian?

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