"Aku menyusun pisang dan apel di dapur."

Translation:I am arranging bananas and apples in the kitchen.

August 16, 2018



"In the kitchen" would be better.

August 16, 2018



August 17, 2018


The correct translation is "I keep bananas and apples in the kitchen" not "arrange"

August 18, 2018


yes, 'arrange' is a strange word if the intention is not to make an elaborate fruit display...

also possibly, 'i put the bananas and apples in the kitchen', or 'i place the bananas and apples in the kitchen'.

also, as noted already, 'at the kitchen' is incorrect english.

August 22, 2018


"I put away the bananas and apples" makes the most sense to me. Like I just got them from the grocer's and I'm obviously not just going to leave them lying around the kitchen, hence the "arrange". Good job, O ye course moderators, for taking care of the other issues though! ^,^

October 11, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Why is "I arrange bananas and apples in the kitchen" incorrect? I don't see what would indicate a definite article before "bananas."

    September 4, 2018


    The english word "in" is missing from the options but is stated as the correct answer

    August 19, 2018


    'at' is incorrect in this sentence

    August 18, 2018


    Is "at the kitchen" British English? Consider at least allowing also "in the kitchen," which is more commonly used in the United States.

    August 26, 2018


    I would think British English would also say "in the kitchen" as well, because that's what we say in Australian English

    August 26, 2018


    You could only say 'at the kitchen' in a sentence like "The dog is waiting for food at the kitchen door". The correct English in the sentence here is "in the kitchen". (Also Australia commenting but I am pretty sure for English everywhere.)

    August 26, 2018


    Why can't I use "the" before both the bananas and the apples? There is no rules against doing so

    September 29, 2018


    For whatever reason, I don't see "the" included among the word bank, and thus answering it correctly is impossible. Is anyone else having that problem?

    April 25, 2019


    How would di dalam dapur fare instead of di dapur?

    June 8, 2019
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