"The name of this restaurant is Jakarta."

Translation:Nama restoran ini Jakarta.

August 16, 2018

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Why can't you say 'restoran ini nama Jakarta '? Thanks in advance


Nama is a noun. It may be a verb in english, but we consider it as noun. Saying "restoran ini nama Jakarta" is like telling an englishman "This restaurant name Jakarta".


The main noun comes first.

"The name of this restaurant" is the same as "this restaurant's name" which means "name" is the main noun, and the rest are just modifying it.

In other words, "restaurant" modifies "name", and "this" modifies "restaurant".... so you end up with "nama restoran ini".


You should say nama-nya instead nama


It says "Nama restorannya Jakarta" is another correct translation. Can anybody explain the -nya to me please?


"-nya simply indicates possession or refers to a specific object already under discussion." (http://kelas-bahasa.blogspot.com/2005/09/nya-nya-nya.html)

You can use it instead of "The". The +noun phrase == noun phrase+ -nya (in this case you don't use 'ini')


The "nya" references possession and directness, as Robodevil_meow explains very well. But here we must use "ini" because "this" references, roughly, proximity, i.e., this versus that. E.g., this book is not the book.


Is 'Restoran ini bernama Jakarta.' possible as well, or is bernama only used for people?


"bernama" is commonly used for people, but I've seen it sometimes with objects as well.


Why cant you say "Nama Jakarta restoran ini" ?


In Indonesian, the adj is out at the back of the noun. So "Nama Jakarta restoran ini" would be like telling us "Jakarta name this restaurant".


I'm starting to understand word order, but can someone explain the difference in meaning between "nama ini restoran" and "nama restoran ini"?

Does ini/itu always come at the end of a "noun cluster"? If I wanted to say "this big sweet red cake", for instance: "kue manis merah besar ini"

Does ini have to come at the end of the group?

Can I move the rest of the words between kue and ini however I like? Does the meaning change?

Terima kasih banyak!


"Ini" = "This" --> always refers to the previous nouns as a subject. The nouns after "ini" is the object. "nama ini restoran" = This name is Restoran. "nama restoran ini" = This restaurant's name is... I hope this helps.


Good question! And here we might be grateful that our native language is English, because learning adjectival order is one of the most difficult things in English, yet something that we native speakers never think about. "This big red warped house" actually has an order that is specified in a far more complex manner than most would imagine.


Nama restoran ini adalah Jakarta.

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