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Gender of Nouns

It would be great if the vocabulary section had a list of all the genders listed beside the words we've learned. I have a the capability to retain the meaning of the nouns but have difficulty remembering if they are feminine or masculine. Plus there are always those exceptions which are easily mistaken.

March 29, 2013



Agreed! It would also be cool to be able to sort into groups as well. I know this is a method that has helped me retain information before with noun gender.


Yes! I was thinking that the vocabulary section could greatly be enhanced if it took more structure from that of a dictionary. The article, gender, translation can all be provided for a quick reference guide.

I think that a pure section dedicated to verbs would be great as well. Maybe constructing an sub-section to have all the conjugations of different verbs we've learnt. A becherelle of sorts!


Color coding would be nice as well as I won't forget the gender of a certain word if I can visualize what color it was.


Your being able to visualize the color is an amazing talent. Can you do that with tones and pitches in music?


Excellent ideas!


I agree it would be nice to see them on a first pass on the vocab page. If you do want to know the gender of a word in your vocab though, you can click on the word (in either the vocab page or on the skill page) and the gender will be in parentheses next to the word forms (m for masculine, f for feminine, n for neuter). Good luck!


The actual article is not listed on the vocabulary or skill page, but you get m or f for gender. I find this helpful.


I've just tried the "Practice Weakest Words" exercise a few times and I noticed a few drawbacks. I get up to about 3/4 of the exercise until I end up losing all my hearts. This of course forces me to re-start the lesson. It seems like the vocabulary progress does not update unless you successfully complete the whole exercise without "losing". This results in having to repeat a lot of questions that I am now comfortable with. Modification #1: We need to acknowledge the progress made in exercises that were "failed". This will allow users to practice the words that they truly have a hard time with. Modification #2: Experience points should be awarded for the number of questions answered successfully rather than number of exercises completed. There is positive reinforcement for learning and answering questions correctly rather than completing full exercise. This would also help with the "gamification" aspect of your service. I feel like I've made great progress despite "failing" the "Practice Weakest Words", but I am not rewarded with a points! :D Modification #3: Remove the "losing" component for "Practice Weakest Words" exercise all together! I'm there to seek improvement, not additional evaluation like in the actual lessons. We should be allowed to make mistakes there and not be penalized to re-start. Nevertheless, I'm loving this website. :D


The lack of this feature makes vocabulary section nearly useless, because if someone want to learn, he must click on any word to see its gender. That's really annoying, especially when you repeat more than few words.


This was a feature that recently disappeared; I asked for it to be returned to the German section and a staff member took note, but I haven't had any other feedback yet.


A Spanish language instructor in Guatemala told me that the nouns should always be practiced and studied with their articles. Failure to do so causes difficulties. As you get more comfortable with the language, most of these become intuitive.

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