"Good evening, please come in."

Translation:Selamat malam, silakan.

August 17, 2018

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It's supposed to be "Silakan masuk"


Isnt it supposed to be: Selamat malam, silakan masuk. Silakan = please, Masuk = enter


i am from indonesia and speak bahasa

good evening = selamat sore good night = selamat malam


in English there is not really a distinction between good evening and good night

while 'good night' is more common at the end of the night when you are leaving or going to bed, 'selamat malam'is not used exclusively that way

I think 'selamat malam' = 'good evening' while 'selamat tidur' is closer to 'good night' and there is no direct translation for 'selamat sore' but is something like 'good late afternoon / early evening', which people never say


Agree with all posters: Selamat sore, silken musuk. "welcome can be used as "come in" in a particular circumstance but this is where this course is being a bit of a problem for me: never know if we are being colloquial or whether we are now being formal. There is nothing to tell which is the most appropriate. Perhaps you could supply a hint of "Formal answer required" or "street jargon"! Also the day to day language is not universal across all the islands.


"Sore" = evening. "Malam" = night, but both should be correct

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