"Julia can play but Peter can not sleep."

Translation:जूलिया खेल सकती है लेकिन पीटर सो नहीं सकता।

August 17, 2018

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Why does this sentence not end with है ?


You can drop the 'hai' if the sentence is negated. I don't recommend doing it though.

[deactivated user]

    Let poor Peter sleep :'(


    I think that Duo wants us to know that Peter has the ability to not sleep, not that he is forbidden to. He CAN not sleep: वह नहीं सो सकता है। He can't sleep: वह सो नहीं सकता है। but that's a wild guess...


    Your guess is wrong. It can be either permission or ability, similar to how it's in English.


    can someone explain why the hai applies sometimes in the first part of a compound sentence and sometimes is at the end of the second part of the compound sentence


    It's only not at the end of the second part because you don't need one for a negative statement. And the second half is negative.

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