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"Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa!"

Translation:Thank you and see you!

August 17, 2018



I said "thank you and see you later" -- not wrong!!!


I agree. This would be more accurate in English.


I'm getting the feeling that some of these translations are being done by a computer translator, not a human who speaks Bahasa Indonesia.


I think you are correct.

Hey - it's a beta version, we're here to iron out the bugs as users - I guess that's what the report button is for.

No-one pays for beta-test or QA these days, they simply get the end-user to do it and make them feel special to be allowed "[closed] alpha/beta access of some bugged out PoS".

"Sampai jumpa lagi" might be better for a more literal translate of "see you later / again".


See you is good then you add more to it such as sampai jumpa lagi. See you again. Or sampai jumpa nanti. See you later.


Terima kasih ‘-). Am I remembering correctly that there’s something time-specific about ‘nanti,’ like maybe it applies to the same day or within 24 hours? It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so I could be hallucinating.


yes, nanti refers to later the same day usually. I am not a native speaker but my bahasa teacher told me that


Would 'Thank you and see you later' be more accurate?


What is the literal meaning of sampai jumpa?


sampai - Compact Indonesian Dictionary gives numerous meanings all related to process of arriving (arrive, reach; until); Google translator gives a feast of getting-there prepositions -- to, until, into, unto (and more) and a flock of arrival verbs jumpa - meet Casually - later, baby


What did I get wrong?

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