"Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa!"

Translation:Thank you and see you!

August 17, 2018

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I said "thank you and see you later" -- not wrong!!!

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    I agree. This would be more accurate in English.


    I'm getting the feeling that some of these translations are being done by a computer translator, not a human who speaks Bahasa Indonesia.


    See you is good then you add more to it such as sampai jumpa lagi. See you again. Or sampai jumpa nanti. See you later.


    Terima kasih ‘-). Am I remembering correctly that there’s something time-specific about ‘nanti,’ like maybe it applies to the same day or within 24 hours? It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so I could be hallucinating.


    yes, nanti refers to later the same day usually. I am not a native speaker but my bahasa teacher told me that


    What is the literal meaning of sampai jumpa?


    sampai - Compact Indonesian Dictionary gives numerous meanings all related to process of arriving (arrive, reach; until); Google translator gives a feast of getting-there prepositions -- to, until, into, unto (and more) and a flock of arrival verbs jumpa - meet Casually - later, baby


    Would 'Thank you and see you later' be more accurate?


    i just like to say sampai jumpa, it's fun to say haha sampai jumpa

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