"Selamat sore."

Translation:Good afternoon.

August 17, 2018

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My understanding is that selamat sore differs from selamat siang in that sore is used from 3-6pm and siang is used from 11am - 3pm. Does that sound right?


For those who are confused just like me:

Good Afternoon (Part I)/Selamat Siang Spoken in the middle of the day (11 AM to 2 PM) when the sun is at its brightest

Good Afternoon (Part II)/Selamat Sore Spoken from 2 PM until sunset

Source: http://www.studyindonesian.com/lessons/greetings


Is "sore" related to French "soirée"? If yes, how did that happen?


I was going to ask the same thing.


Why was "Good evening" not accepted? When I hovered "sore", one of the translations was "evening."


This is often used in Indonesia from around 3 pm until sundown. It could be translated as "good evening".


Choosing between afternoon and evening can do tricky on this one since sore covers parts of both.


Does "Selamat" acutally translate as "good" generally? Or is it only associatedwith greetings?


Though I am a beginner, I found in Wiktionary that 'selamat' is a loanword from Arabic. The Arabic root is 'salām', which means 'peace'. It seems to me the word 'selamat' is only used in composing greeting phrases in Indonesian. Considering the 'peace' meaning, I think Indonesian uses it in greeting just like many other languages whose speakers greet by saying 'peace' (Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, etc.)


"Selamat" by itself translates to congratulations; in greetings it means the same as good, happy, safe


Good afternoon is not selamat sore geez. It is selamat siang. Selamat sore is good evening. Duolingo Indonesia is messy.

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