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Tips for the Indonesian Course

Halo! Apa kabar? Nama saya Elijah. :))

I am so happy that the Indonesian course is here! I've been watching it in the Incubator for probably a year now and it's surreal to see it out in Beta! I've been wanting to learn it ever since I heard of its unique, simple grammar but complex affix system. I was born in the Philippines and that's like a sister or cousin country to Indonesia. There's so much similarity between certain vocabulary in Filipino/Tagalog, Cebuano/Bisaya, and Bahasa Indonesia! :))

I'm only level 3 and about 4-6 crowns (2-3 skills) in and it already seems like a very helpful and intensive course! I know it's in Beta, so I'm not here to criticize the course, but I am here already seeing a few things that should be fixed before the next stage. :))

My biggest problem is the "Mark The Correct Sentence" exercises. They introduce vocabulary and grammar stuff that haven't been introduced yet and sometimes I have to play guessing games to get past it. Even once I win or lose it, I don't know why it is the way it is? The best thing I can do for now is ask questions in the Sentence Discussions and usually the sentence it brings me to is the sentence I would have looked for in the multiple choice but wasn't there. I understand that this is a new course and the Sentence Discussion forums are so new that a lot are still empty, so it's my job and others' jobs to fill it up with questions, etc. I hope to see this fixed when the course is fully out. :))

Another problem that's kind of small, I just wish the easy pronunciation was in the Tips & Notes and a little clearer in the Tips & Notes. I saw Discussion Posts on pronunciation and watched videos on YouTube and also looked at Omniglot's IPA for the language, so I know it now, but the Tips & Notes kind of just explained the vowels of Bahasa Indonesia, not the consonants/sounds. They are also a little unclear and lacking in the explanation for "e" and "o" which I personally understand now, but it was confusing before doing all my research. Again, I know this is still in Beta, so these are all things I just want to see once the full course comes out. :))

I think that's all I wanted to say. Terima kasih! More problems and praises to come. :))

August 17, 2018



Halo Elijah, apa kabar? Yes it is great that the course has finally come to beta. I had used the reverse course while waiting for this to come out, but now I can finally attempt this course. The guessing game as you say in the "Mark The Correct Sentence" exercises can be confusing but it seems to be common in some courses. Anyway good luck with your learning. Semangat belajar!


The tips and notes sections need to be copy-edited by a native-level English speaker.

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