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  5. "Berapa umur kamu?"

"Berapa umur kamu?"

Translation:How old are you?

August 17, 2018


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Is "Kamu berapa umur?" different from above? Thanks.


Is "Kamu berapa umur?" different from above?

"Berapa umur kamu?" literally means word-for-word
"How much your age"

umur = age
kamu = you

These two words "umur kamu" can not be separated.
They are the subject of the sentence.
They can also be shortened to "umurmu".

Berapa umur kamu?
Berapa umurmu?
Umur kamu berapa?
Umurmu berapa?

It's all the same.


When would you use "umur kamu" instead of "umurmu" ?


They're interchangeable. To be honest, we prefer "umurmu", because of simplicity.


"Kamu berapa umur?" is incorrect.

Use one of them: "Berapa umur kamu?", "Berapa umurmu?", "Umur kamu berapa?" or "Umurmu berapa?"

"Usia" is the synonym word of "umur", so you can replace "usia" for "umur".


Berapa - how many/much

Umur - age

Kamu - you

This is just the way we ask for someone's age, don't direct translate "How old are you?" from English to Indonesian and try to fit words into translation, because it will make you confused.

So, Indonesian, instead of using "How old are you?", we will simply use "How many is your age?" (Literal translation-wise)

Good luck learning our language


Umur kamu berapa ? Berapa umur kamu ? Kamu umur berapa ?

Ok im confused now. How are those sentences have different order but same meaning ?


I mixt the langage, indonesian instead of english. In other courses there is only a remark, one can redo ii in the correct manber. Would this be possubly changed that way in indonesian too? Thanks

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