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Repeated Words in Vocabulary Section

Currently words which are practiced in different skill lessons re-appear in the Vocabulary section. Words get duplicated and clutter the page. The words should get updated for their strength with each new lesson instead of being added as a new word to our lists.

March 29, 2013



Yeah this isn't presented in the best way:( You might take comfort in knowing that it's for a reason though - sometimes even though a word looks the same in two sentences it functions differently. That's why sometimes in vocab it's split into different forms - we want to see how well you use that word in all the ways it can be used and hone in on the ones you have more trouble with so we can give you those types of sentences in practice. If you click on a word and look at its sentence examples, it may give you a sense of what those different usages are.

We'll look into how we can present this in a less confusing way:) Thanks for your suggestion!


I've noticed that words repeat in the vocab section even when you repeat the same lesson.

For example (in German): Wasser (Basics 1) Strength: 3 Wasser (Basics 1) Strength: 4

There is bit of redundancy in presented information. :)

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