"Mereka pergi dari sini, tapi mereka tidak ke sekolah."

Translation:They left from here, but they did not go to school.

August 17, 2018



The English sentence sounds a bit unnatural to me. What do other people feel?

August 17, 2018


It's grammatically correct in English, but sounds unnatural without its context. The two parts of the compound sentence do not feel as if they belong together. Better might be "Mereka pergi ke sana, tapi mereka tidak ke sekolah" or "Mereka pergi dari sini, tapi mereka tidak dari sekolah".

August 20, 2018


I agree. It could almost work, but I can't imagine a context in which I would say exactly that. If this is describing a repeated situation, "leave" is more idiomatic - to me, anyway: "They leave from here, but they do not go to school." The past tense version works a little better - "They went from here, but they did not go to school." (That would have to be a one-time occurrence; even here, "they left from here" seems better.)

August 18, 2018


Google translate says "They leave here, but they don't go to school" which I like better.

October 8, 2018


"they left here but they are not at school" is my solution

June 8, 2019


I find it curious that mereka is repeated while pergi is used only once -- English would do just the opposite.

September 21, 2018


Could i say "Mereka pergi dari sini, tapi mereka tidak pergi ke sekolah"?

August 27, 2018


yep that was my thought as well

February 18, 2019


keep in mind that learning another language is learning how to express thoughts as opposed to simply learning word replacements -- direct translations are sometimes going to be a bit wonky. Keep in mind that this course its still beta and Dualingo has an Indonesian to English course that I'm guessing is causing some cross lesson issues BTW, another way to say this phrase in English may be, "They left but they didn't go to school"

December 5, 2018


i had write my sentence in present but it seems like it was only for the past tense

March 23, 2019


words missing in translation

May 23, 2019


They went from here, but they did not go to school. School is missing in ranslation

May 23, 2019


I am missing words. I can not translate in English

May 23, 2019


Why "tidak" with no verb after?

June 1, 2019


Why can't I say go to THE school? I know there is no "itu" at the end, but most such cases it could be translated that way

September 4, 2018


"Itu" would make it "that school", not "the school" - "the school" should be fine here

November 30, 2018


I feel this should be a possible translation: "They're going from here but not going to school"

November 23, 2018


wouldn't 'they go from here, but not to school' be acceptable as well?

February 16, 2019


I HATE this sentence... it's unnatural, long, and is appearing a bloody million times in this lesson. Dear contributors please add some more sentences to this subject, because it's becoming INCREDIBLY BORING when only a couple sentences have to be repeated again a stupidly large number of times! THANKS

September 4, 2018


Sorry if my comments rubs someone the wrong way. I'm doing every single exercise, I don't "jump" and I do believe this chapter has too few sentences to fill up

September 6, 2018


Thats true that I always got stuff wrong even though it was correct.

October 1, 2018
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