"Ini harga yang berlaku."

Translation:This is the valid price.

August 17, 2018

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Would "This price is valid" also be correct?


That would probably be without the 'yang'. "Harga ini berlaku"


Came to ask the same thing thanks for clarifying that nuance :)


yes but doesn't yang translate as That, or Which is. So I believe (This price is valid) should be accepted in my opinion


"yang" does translate as that, which is, and which: https://translate.google.ca/#view=home&op=translate&sl=id&tl=en&text=yang ........ https://www.kamus.net/indonesia/yang ........ So, "This price is valid" is not a correct translation, which is not an opinion, but a fact. "This price is valid" would have to translate to "Harga ini berlaku".


Their point is that neither provide a perfect, so they should both be accepted.


This is a hard one for me I just have to accept it


I believe that the staff at DuoLingo overlooked this answer. It IS correct.


I think the litetal translation should be "This is the price that is valid", right?

"Harga" means price. But "ini" comes before "harga". So "ini" and "harga" is not the same clause. "Ini harga" should mean "This is the price".

"Yang" is the connective word to build complex sentence. Roughly equals to what "that" does in English. So "yang berlaku" means "that is valid" and "that" refers to the price.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


I agree with you, but I'm not sure if it's correct either. I originally thought this sentence meant "This price is valid" but the 'yang' which means that/which changes the meaning to 'this is the price that/which is valid'. Could a native speaker please confirm?


I agree you're correct about it being the literal translation. However, "price that is valid" is much less natural in English than "harga yang berlaku" is in Indonesian. So I think the more natural sounding "This is the/a valid price" is the best English translation.


Thank you, your explanation helps me understand why "yang"is in the sentence!


Ok, it should be "This is the applicable price" or "This is the effective price." Valid is not the definition of the verb berlaku. Valid is an adjective that means something completely different. Sah or benar are both adjectives that translate to the proper meaning of valid.

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    Is "This is a valid price." correct? If not, how would that be translated?


    This. Sad to see that 10 months passed and still no response from anyone.


    Same here. I am always making the same mistake.


    Would "This is a valid price" be correct?


    Does this sentence mean "This is the right price" or "this is the correct price"? These sentences would sound more natural.


    Berlaku means 'to apply' or 'to be in effect'. So valid is a faithful translation.

    'This is the price (that is in effect now)'


    Like a current valid price, perhaps?


    How do we say "This is a valid price"? I keep getting marked wrong for writing it.


    "This is a valid price." should also be accepted.


    some thoughts ini harga. as appose to harga ini. this is as appose to is this.
    harga yang berlaku. valid price. as appose to berlaku yang harga. price is valid I can see how it can make sense


    "This is a price which applies" is a word for word translation that is still grammatically correct and should be accepted


    Is "ini harga berlaku" grammatically correct?

    Edit: This got downvoted without an explanation, does my question really sound that stupid? lol... Well, now I know "yang" cannot be omitted whenever they are used in a sentence as it will make no sense after that.


    this is the price


    "This price is valid" is perfectly VALID...


    How about, "That is the right price."


    Este es el precio que vale. Así lo entiendo.


    I put "This price is valid" and that was wrong?


    I answered 'This price is valid. When the answer was marked incorrect i looked at the word for word translations that are supplied and it gave the s asme answer as mine. I find duolingo very confusing and i am sure this is slwing my learning experience down considerably as my confidence takes a hit each time something like this happens. And it happens far too often. As a person who has some programming experience, It appears that not enough time was spent building the the english dictionary and word phrases.


    The course is still in beta, so it's up to us, the learners, to help ensure the thoroughness of the acceptable answers.

    That said, 'This price is valid' is not a correct translation, because that would be 'Harga ini berlaku'.


    No-one talks like this in Indonesia. So why are locked in a discussion about something no-one says? The price is right The price is correct That is the correct price. These are phrases that you speak in the shops. Phil More often Mahal... Apa diskon?

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      I thought yang meant that, something I learnt years ago.


      Sort of. It's more correct to say "'Yang' can often be translated as 'that'", but there are times when it can't be, and other times when it could, but a more natural translation wouldn't.


      I don't understand what the English refers to. What is meant by "the valid price"? Does it refer to the genuine price from a selection of non-genuine prices? Or, is it simply the seller saying that he/she is not prepared to barter and this is the only price he/she will accept. Can someone put this into context for me, so it makes sense.


      this price is valid here


      Same as "This price is valid"!


      "This price is valid" Same thing!


      This price us valid, also correct?


      Okay...I get it now


      Can someone please explain why "This price is valid" is marked incorrect.

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