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  5. "I like your letter."

"I like your letter."

Translation:Saya suka surat kamu.

August 17, 2018



Isn't Saya suka surat kamu also correct?


Yes, it would be as Saya is the formal of Aku.

Whenever I've learned Indonesian in a formal setting, they would always teach us the formal sentence structures rather than informal because you would run the risk of insulting someone unintentionally if you spoke informally.


It's a little bit unfair, because in the first "question" they also used suratmu and not Anda. It's confusing now


yes sometimes the apps is lil bit unfair but, it's better if you know the two words.... try to put a warning

[deactivated user]

    The answer is "Saya suka surat Anda" - is "Anda" usually capitalised?


    Theres no Anda in the sentance


    What about "aku suka surat anda?" Doesnʻt that make more sense because youʻre not using formal and informal in the same sentence?


    so for i like your letter, it could be: saya suka suratmu & saya suka surat anda? so when to use which?


    Sometimes the system doesnt really accept my answer even if its right.The correct answer is saya suka suratmu


    Why not saya suka suratmu? I am having a problem with possessive.

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