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"Tujuh ribu tambah seribu sama dengan berapa?"

Translation:Seven thousand plus one thousand equals how much?

August 17, 2018



Provided boxes "Seven thousands plus one thousand equal how many" Should be "Seven thousand plus one thousand equals what" or at least "Seven thousand plus one thousand equals how many"


Yup, had the same options!


-"Thousands" is never in plural form when doing an equation.

-"Equals" instead of "equal" when using "plus" or "minus". (You can only use "equal" if you use "and" as shorthand for "plus", and if you're using small numbers like "four and five equal nine", and I think this in general is a less formal way of speaking.)


It's like math and stuff. Have a lingot.


I nearly enter: Delapan ribu.


I write "Seven thousand add one thousand equals how much?" But, it is graded as a wrong answer.


Hope someone will explain it. Thanks in advance :))


A plus B equals C. What is A plus B? -or- A plus B equals? (How much/how many are not needed in this case in English.) If you're trying to teach 'berapa' here, there is probably a better way, such as 'Berapa ini?' I get that this is probably how you say it in Bahasa, but it is not how you say it in English. It could be one of the accepted answers, but it should not be THE correct answer.


I used nubers instead of words and they said I was wrong


How much equals ... refused


Not sure what you're trying to say..


How much equals seven thousand plus one thousand ----seems more correct to me than--- seven thousand plus one thousand equals how much.


Well in a certain context. I guess you could say that something like that in english. The example in my head is like "how much straw feeds seven thousand horses" but it barely works and there are much more likely ways to express it.

This sentence is the indonesian way of expressing a mathematical equation, and you'd never say "How much equals" when talking about maths in English.


Sorry, my English may not be perfect, I never attended a math course in that language, I speak French and having the question word at the end is quite colloquial in that language. So in English you would definitely say x+y equals how much ?


Actually, generally not. Here are some examples of the more common ways of expressing thing in English.

  • What is x + y?
  • What does x + y equal?
  • x + y equals what?
  • What is the sum of x and y?
  • The sum of x and y is what?

There is a context where you are more likely to hear "x + y equals how much?" and that is when the speaker is expressing surprise or anger.

"x + y equals HOW MUCH?!"


"7000 + 1000 = how much" was marked wrong :(


I think the following should also be accepted How much is 7000 + 1000 How much is 7000 and 1000


In Uk english we say add instead of plus, especially when doing sums. Just for your info.


I answered eight thousand and it marked me wrong. Reported.

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