"How old is Andi?"

Translation:Berapa umur Andi?

August 17, 2018

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Above the meaning is correct, "Berapa umur Andi?" But the actual selection (multiple choice) said "Berapa usia Andi?" All of the choice were incorrect, but I chose this one and got lucky.


Umur and usia are the same (synonymous).

If you have both "Berapa umur Andi?" and "Berapa usia Andi?" and they say "Please select all the correct answers", then, you have to check both.


Checking multiple has never been possible Or have I alwwys missed that?


Usia/Umur=Age Berapa umur Andi/Umur Andi berapa (How old is Andi) and Usia Andi berapa (What is the age of Andi) basically expressing the same meaning, just different way of asking.


Isn't the second one a lot more informal, with "berapa" at the end?

Grammatically, I wonder if placing "berapa" at the end is strictly correct, when you use it in this context, with age.

Because, from this grammar site:

They say:

Berapa (Berapa lama, berapa banyak, …)

The question word "berapa" is used when you expect answer which is "number" with the following formula.

…sentence.. + berapa+? (asking for time)
Berapa + sentence+? (asking for other than time)

So, you use "berapa" at the end of the sentence when you ask "how much time", and in the beginning when you ask for something else.

But informally, it's expressed this way also.


Im trying to use keyboard only instead of looking at the word list. Is there a way to know when i should say berapa umur instead of berumur? Ive gotten many wrong because each lesson seems to go back and forth on using it. I almost worry when they will throw usia and berusia into the mix.


"Umur" and "Usia" are the same, which means age. Adding prefix "Ber-" in front of the noun would make it into an adjective or verb. In this case "berumur" or "berusia" is an adjective which describe the subject's age.

"Berapa" is a question word which means how much. So to ask someone's age you could either use "Berapa usia ...?" or "Berapa umur ...?"

If Duolingo mark your answer as wrong where it should have been correct, please report it


Terima kasih banyak @SaefulAkba. This is the first time duo introduced "usia" to me. I'm glad you explained that they both mean age, but then how do I know when I should use "umur" or use "usia"?


Use whichever, it's always accepted, as they mean the same, and are used the same. Usia a bit more formal than umur, so a bit less common, but really, it's the same thing.


So could you say 'Berapa berusia/berumur Andi?"


Not at all. As "Berapa" (or the full form "beberapa") is how many with the idea of having a noun to count (like "how many").

Beberapa anak? = How many children?
Beberapa anjing kamu punya? = How many dogs do you have?

With mass nouns, you would use "how much + noun" in English, like "How much water in the sea?".

In Indonesian, to "count" mass nouns, you will use "Berapa banyak" (banyak means "a lot", but don't try to translate word by word.). Just consider as a whole "berapa-banyak" different from berapa alone.

With mass nouns, to express "how much + noun", you will use "Berapa banyak air?" for instance. (= How much water?)

With normal nouns, you will use "Berapa anak?"

Reference here: https://frama.link/google-book-universal-grammar

For "How much" expressing an intensity with a verb, the word is not the same in Indonesian. It would be "seberapa".

How much do you like me? Seberapa kamu mencintaiku?

Expressing an intensity with "how much":

The Wiktionary says "How strong are you?" note that it's a way to say "How much strong are you?" (not correct in English, but it's the literal meaning), it's not "how" with the meaning "how do you do?", asking "how" something.

Berusia/berumur are verbs, they mean "to be aged of". So you won't use "berapa" as with names.

You simply use "Berapa usia kamu?"

(In Indonesian) https://kbbi.web.id/beberapa

Literally "Berapa umur" is how many age. It doesn't make sense in English, but you have to understand it as "how many/what is the age in term of number"


yeah, i got "usia" too :/


How come berapa tahun was not correct?


What is your full sentence? "Berapa tahun" is "How many years", something is missing.

You cannot replace "umur" (age) with "tahun" (years).

Berapa is used with umur (age) as a way to ask the "size", or amount, in number of this "age".


What does berapa. mean? I've become quickly confused and sidetracked by some of the complexities and stuff in these lessons. I hope its not going to continue this way.


Berapa, short for beberapa = how many.

Indonesian is not complex, the logic is simply different from English. Here, the "how many" serves to measure the age. = How many in term of number.

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