"How old is Andi?"

Translation:Berapa umur Andi?

August 17, 2018



Above the meaning is correct, "Berapa umur Andi?" But the actual selection (multiple choice) said "Berapa usia Andi?" All of the choice were incorrect, but I chose this one and got lucky.

August 17, 2018


yeah, i got "usia" too :/

August 17, 2018


Im trying to use keyboard only instead of looking at the word list. Is there a way to know when i should say berapa umur instead of berumur? Ive gotten many wrong because each lesson seems to go back and forth on using it. I almost worry when they will throw usia and berusia into the mix.

August 24, 2018


"Umur" and "Usia" are the same, which means age. Adding prefix "Ber-" in front of the noun would make it into an adjective or verb. In this case "berumur" or "berusia" is an adjective which describe the subject's age.

"Berapa" is a question word which means how much. So to ask someone's age you could either use "Berapa usia ...?" or "Berapa umur ...?"

If Duolingo mark your answer as wrong where it should have been correct, please report it

August 29, 2018


So could you say 'Berapa berusia/berumur Andi?"

February 2, 2019
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