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How far through are are you in the course?

Hi. Just wondering how far everyone is through the course so far? I’ve spent about an hour and I’m up to Restaurant and Places 1. What about you? How long have you spent on the Indonesian course and how far through are you?

August 17, 2018



I've only done the first four skills so far, but I'm having such a good time! After studying harder languages like Japanese and Turkish, it feels like Indonesian is so much easier. I feel like I'm picking it up really easily, and having fun while doing it!


How far through the course are you now? I’ve spent about 5 hours and on Adjectives 1 now.


I'm about to finish up my sixth skill. I've been taking my time with the course, reviewing and making sure I understand each concept before moving to the next lesson. I had a bit of difficulty recalling phrases and understanding some of the grammar in the places section, so I spent lots of effort there. I've also been practicing outside of Duolingo, writing things in Indonesian and such. I figure it's better to be a little slow than to get lost and not understand what is happening, haha. :)

[deactivated user]

    I took the placement test and tested out of ~15 skills, I don't remember exactly. I thought the placement test was hard, lol. I had a lot of close-but-no-cigar answers. I studied some Indonesian a few years ago and have been brushing up over the past couple of months. I can read and understand a decent amount already.

    Rather than unlocking the whole tree, I have been leveling up the skills I unlocked with the placement test. With that I'm at the first check point. I'm in no rush--I really enjoy Indonesian, it's nice change of pace from my other languages, so I don't mind taking my time.


    I started yesterday and I've hit the first checkpoint. My friend joked that I'm going to finish the tree in two weeks... but it seems he mightn't have been too far from the truth :O


    Similar ... repeated some to move up levels ... and able to start the row that includes restaurants. Waiting for the tablet / iPad version in the hope that the are groups to join.


    I'm about half way but I admittedly rushed through the first two branches of the tree. I'm doing the last half more slowly and then going to go over it again. It's not the first time I've learnt Indonesian; I've been waiting for this as a refresher course since I've been using Duolingo to maintain the level of Indonesian I once had about a decade ago.


    I finished the tree and started leveling up. I spent far too long, maybe 6+hours yesterday and 2 today but I wanted to see how much, if at all, the course could help me.

    I've already been learning Indo for about 9 months so I'm not a beginner!


    Why does it seem like y’all are just trying to seem cool and saying you went far in little time?


    Not cool, just honest. And it's not particularly cool to sit at the computer for half a day I assure you!

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