"This may be the heaviest book."

Translation:Ini mungkin buku yang paling berat.

August 17, 2018

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There are two ways to show the superlative degree in Indonesian, first by putting the word "paling" which means "the most..." before an adjective (or an adverb), or secong by adding the prefix "ter-" into the adjective root word. For examples, "paling tinggi/tertinggi" which means "the highest/the tallest", "paling besar/terbesar" which means "the biggest", "paling jauh/terjauh" which means "the furthest/farthest", "paling dekat/terdekat" which means "the closest/nearest", etc.


Also I want to know we can have this without YANG? ie. Ini mungkin buku paling berat


I think you still have to use it, because Yang means Which or The One Which that could be compared from other.


Buku ini adalah terberat is not accepted?


There is "may be" that means "mungkin/bisa jadi" in bahasa.

"Buku ini adalah terberat" if you translate it to bahasa, it will become "This is The Haviest Book"

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    I am confused of the use of "Yang"


    So what's the difference between : - lebih berat And - paling berat?


    Lebih berat = Heavier (literally "more heavy"). While the book in question is heavier than the other book or books, it's not necessarily the heaviest book the speaker has. Paling berat = Heaviest (literally "the most heavy"). Hope this helps.

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