"That apple"

Translation:Apel itu

August 17, 2018



So the demonstrative pronoun is placed behind the noun where it belongs to?


Well, yes, but it's a demonstrative adjective and not a pronoun. That is a good apple: here 'that' is a pronoun as it's standing in for 'that apple'.


What is wrong with itu apel and apel itu?


It's the emphasize. If you want to focus on 'that apple' then it'll be "Apel itu"

If you want to focus on 'that is (an) apple' then you can say, "Itu apel"

But for me (as a native speaker) yeah, we don't really mind about it. You can say both sentence for daily life.

For example :

"Ini apa?" (What's this?) "Oh, itu apel" (Oh, that's an apple)

"Apel itu warna nya apa?" (What's the colour of that apple?) "Hijau" (Green)

Well I hope you understand, I'm not really good at English but I hope you understand what I mean


Thanks for the free words ❤️


Saya suka sekali

[deactivated user]

    The pronunciation for Apple is wrong. It should be apèl, not apel


    I am finding that this program, puts the words in a sentence that you have not even learnt yet! Making it impossible to get them right. Also it would bd handy to explain some of the language before it starts. That way you woulc know you say it back wards, and that eords are added in and out as they desire.

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