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  5. "Makanan dan minuman."

"Makanan dan minuman."

Translation:Food and beverage.

August 17, 2018



Beverages would be the more formal word for drinks and is technically the more correct word to use in this sentence but you hardly ever see it/use it in a real world scenario. It would only really be used in a very fancy/executive setting as the normal thing to say


'Food and drink' is almost an idiom in daily conversational English and should be accepted here.


i would say 'beverages' would be more natural english here...


I think the more natural English would be "food and drink" or "food and drinks". Certainly I've never said "beverages" to anyone in this context, ever.


It has the same meaning as drinks, just to be clear.


Eat is "makan" , basically "makan-an" is the things that can be eaten..the same structure witth "minum-an" which is literally the thinga that we can drink

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