"Payung hitam dan payung ungu."

Translation:Black umbrella and purple umbrella.

August 17, 2018

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Also in English we avoid repeating the same noun. So I think 'Black and purple umbrellas' should also be accepted.


To improve style, I agree avoiding duplications is good. However, the sentence given has a duplication, so the correct translation does the same. 'Black and purple umbrellas' would be 'payung-payung hitam dan ungu' I think, slightly different, while identical in meaning.


Humm... It might not be identical in meaning. Payung hitam dan payung ungu' describes several unicolour umbrellas. Payung-payung hitam dan ungu can also describe several umbrellas which may have a nice striped pattern of purple and black, yet all look the same.


The English phrasing might not be as clear and accurate as is needed. Consider the sentence: "They sell black umbrellas, purple umbrellas, and black and purple umbrellas." If we use "They sell black and purple umbrellas", we don't know for certain if they sell single-coloured umbrellas in black or purple or multicoloured black and purple umbrellas, or umbrellas in three different colour choices.

It's good to avoid redundant duplication in English, but avoiding duplication should be balanced with clarity and accuracy in meaning since communication and language is about conveying meaning. A duplicate word isn't redundant if it's used to provide clarity and accuracy.


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The sentence "They sell black umbrellas and purple umbrellas" makes it clear they don't sell multicoloured black and purple umbrellas.


Could you say 'payung hitam dan ungu'? Or would that mean multiple umbrellas that are all both black and purple?


Black umbrella and purple umbrella should be accepted the same


There is a problem I found in the software. If you use the word bank and make a mistake and then correct it, you will be marked wrong. On this one I switched screens after forgetting the last "umbrellas," came back and selected it. It was marked wrong. So I submit the correct answer but the word back part of the software needs the words to be entered perfectly the first time.


Should 'Black and purple umbrellas' be accepted?


In english we just avoid repetition


Wow... umbrella in Tagalog is payong, and black is itim! It's fascinating recognizing different words in related languages

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