"Kucingmu dua puluh."

Translation:You have twenty cats.

August 17, 2018

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'you have twenty cats', definitely not 'your cats are twenty' which doesn't make much sense in english... hopefully this gets amended soon.

but great job! i'm really enjoying this beta release - yay, finally indonesian comes to duolingo! thanks guys!


Well "Your cat's are twenty" does make sense. It obviously means that your cat is 20, 20 in number. But I do consider the fact that you find this hard because probably your mother tongue did not descended from the Austronesian family of languages. I find this easy because I'm Filipino, I speak Bisaya which is another language different from Filipino but much closer than Bahasan Indonesia.


It seems like their issue was with the translation in English being "your cats are twenty." In English, this is a weird nonsense sentence, even if that's the word for word literal translation from Indonesian. "You have twenty cats", which is the correct way to express this in English is now an accepted answer


Someone's a crazy cat lady, apparently.


Does this mean "you have twenty cats" or "your cat is twenty (years old)?"


If you wanted to say "your cat is twenty years old" you would have to add "tahun" onto the end of the sentence: kucingmu dua puluh tahun.


What does this mean? You have twenty cats?


Yes. "You have twenty cats." — "Kamu punya dua puluh kucing." is the better structure.


How about translating it as "Your cats are twenty in number"? If you answer to the question "How old are you?" you can answer "I'm twenty" without always saying "years old"... so it would just feel like you have to write the full sentence out in English while in Indonesian you didn't...

I understand that this structure IS used and even popular in Indonesian, so I don't have a problem in teaching it, and I can understand that the contributors didn't want to simply translate to "You have 20 cats", because that would be "Kamu punya dua puluh kucing"... but with the translation of "Your cats are twenty in number" you would have your cake and you could eat it, too! What do you guys think?


Umm it did translate to 'You have 20 cats'... I guess they've updated it?


Is "You have twenty cats" acceptable?


the real question we should be asking is 'is it acceptable to have 20 cats?'


This makes no grammatical sense


Your twenty cats or your cats are twenty?


The last one is what the sentence about. The first one would be keduapuluh kucingmu


you have twenty cats is...Punyamu dua puluh kucing. Kucing dua puluh does not make any sense...


I translated this as "Your twenty cats". Wrong, obviously, but how would you translate it, "Kucing dua puluhmu"?


I thought it was "Your twenty cats" as well


Seems to me this sentence needs a "punya" to make it be "you have 20 cats." Otherwise, it seems more like your cat is 20 (an abbreviated way of saying, "your cat is 20 years old").

Can someone enlighten me?


Yeah , but 8 are halfway grown kittens and 10 are blind still. New batch. Litter.


He don't accept 20 but accept twenty


Wrong! Punya missing, an Indonesian would not talk in this way!


now i answered it "your twenty cats."


Found the crazy cat person


So I translated "kucingmu" using the Translator app and it said that it means "word" I knew it would be something along the lines of "your cat" but this had me totally stumped. Can anyone clear this up? Does kucingmu have more than 1 meaning?


No. I suspect your translator app can't handle the contractions ( kucing kamu > kucingmu ) and tried to tell you that this is just a random babble to it's circruits. It told you "Well, it's a word, but I have no clue what it means!"


Kucingmu dua puluh karena kawin dan kawin terus dan tidak ikut program KB


"Your twenty cats"?


Actually that translate to this "kamu punya dua puluh kucing"


lol they didn't even teach me what is "kucingmu", and i only know "kucing"


well, kucingmu is a contraction of 'kucing kamu.' and I've found throughout the course that it's pretty common.


Totally nonsens! If so your cat is twenty! My indonesian wife, even studied Indonesian language, is always laughing about duolingo sentences creations... Duolingo is not giving a shit on the comments and correct it... pointless...


This translation is off


My understanding is that this is a sort of particle, and a literal English translation would be: "Your twenty cats." The fact that you 'have' those twenty cats is implied contextually, so the translation of "You have twenty cats" is also correct, but mostly because bahasa indonesia is a largely contextual language (from what I've gathered) so this would be an "intelligible" way of expressing the same thing. Shorthand, maybe? Or just a partial/half-sentence.

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