"Greetings, good afternoon."

Translation:Assalamualaikum, selamat siang.

August 17, 2018

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This is the Muslim version.


Difference between sore and siang?


What I often hear is 12 - 3.29pm siang, 3.30-6.29pm sore, 6.30pm - 12am malam. Why do I choose 3.30 and 6.30? Since people would say setengah empat (half four) sore, setengah tujuh (half seven) malam.

12 - 3 am are often regarded as malam, maybe if one thinks that it is still dark at those times, but many people regard the times after midnight as morning as well, so it is also understood if you say 1, 2, 3 pagi. 3.30 (setengah empat) - 11.59am is pagi. We say 12 malam and 12 siang, not 12 pagi.

In some places though, like in North Sumatra, people say tiga setengah, not setengah empat, to mean 3.30.


Wiktionary says that 'siang' means daytime and 'sore' is afternoon, between noon and evening...


Hello!??? I thought this was an INDONESIAN language course... not Arabic. "Greetings" in Indonesian would be "Halo" or one of the "good morning/afternoon/evening/day." or perhaps "Salam pembuka". Please keep religious-specific greetings out of the language. Thanks.


Depending on what part of Indonesia you are living in or visiting these greetings are more common and considered polite, it's important to know them because you will hear them used often.


These are widely used by the muslim population but they are adapted in the arabic and not really part of the language


Please do not make Asalamualaikum as the greeting word of indonesia. other people in indonesia does not greet people by saying Asalamualaikum. Besides that, by making this word as the greeting word of indonesia, it sounds like this certain religion is having more superiority compare to religion because other greeting language from different religion seems to be neglected. I would highly advice you as the developer to change this word into the proper word from the dictionary of indonesia "Salam". or if this is not possible, please also add other greeting from other religion including "Om svastyastu and etc". i reccommend you doing this so that there will be less or possibly no envy between religion in indonesia knowing the fact that indonesia has many religion


Something unexplained and intensely cultural is making this lesson confusing, perhaps?

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