"Do you order tempe and eggs?"

Translation:Kamu pesan tempe dan telur?

August 17, 2018

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When do you use pesan and when memesan?


i asked a similar question in another discussion thread and the explanation was that the me- prefix turns the verb into a transitive verb, which means that it takes an object. while the basic version of the verb generally remains intransitive, which means that it simply describes the action taken and does not necessarily require an object.

if i understand correctly then, when using 'memesan' you would include in your statement what you ordered; eg: saya memesan makanan, saya memesan nasi goreng, saya memesan kopi but if you simply say that you have ordered, without specifying what you ordered: saya pesan

however, it'd be great if a native speaker could confirm or clarify???


I used kalian instead of kamu. Why is this wrong?


same with anda. reported it and that's all.


Please add apa so we can write tge correct answer as a question instead of a statement!!


as far as i'm aware, tempe is spelt 'tempeh' in english...


anybody know why it's not "telur-telur" for more than one egg?

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