"Toilet is over there."

Translation:Toilet ada di situ.

August 17, 2018

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Can someone explain the difference between situ and sana? Are they used in different context?


hi, i asked this too! check out this discussion for a response... https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28485618


the english translation here is unnatural. it would be better if accepted answers include 'the' before 'toilet'; ie 'the toilet is over there'.


I'm not entirely sure you do need the 'ada' in this sentence. The need for the word 'the' is a very English thing and not often found in Indonesian sentences... Also, you'll find the toilet is often referred to as WC or Kamar Kecil as it's considered more polite :)


hi thanks, i amended my comment to better reflect the need for duolingo to accept 'the' in the english translation, for it kept marking my english response incorrect...

and yes, 'wc' and 'kamar kecil' are the two words for toilet i am familiar with in indonesian. hadn't heard 'toilet' used before, but didn't realise that's because it's a less polite term. thanks!

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