"Sri menggoreng cabai di wajan."

Translation:Sri is frying chili peppers in a wok.

August 17, 2018

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Where I live we always just say chilli, not chilli peppers, so I think 'Sri is frying chilli in a wok' should be an alternative answer.


DuoLingo accepts "Sri is frying chili in a wok" now (09/02/2019).


I thought it was cabe


all the indonesians I know from the archipelago say cabe....


Pan is also accepted


There are so many correct ways to translate this, and doulingo is pigeon holing them into a very few.

Wajan is any pan that you use to fry (pan, frying pan, skillet, wok, even a pot if you are deep frying with a basket).

Cabai (or cabe) can be any number of various colloquial words meaning hot chili pepper. Most Indonesians that I know say "chillies" when speaking English.

DuoLingo suffers from cranial rectumosis. LOL


Why does Duolingo choos this word for chili pepper? Here in Bali we say, and write "cabe", not "cabai". In Grand Lucky supermarket, it is called "cabe rawit merah".

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