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  5. "Indah itu baik."

"Indah itu baik."

Translation:Beautiful is good.

August 17, 2018



What does that even mean!

[deactivated user]

    That ugly is ugly and beauty is beauty lol. Beautiful is good.


    Not sure, but except meaning "the, that", itu can be a synonym for adalah (to be) and that seems to be the case.


    Literally, indah itu baik means: that beauty is good.

    Itu = kata penunjuk benda (waktu, hal) yang jauh dari pembicara. (Refer to kbbi)

    I don't know the English term for "itu", is it called as demonstrative? Strictly, english has two, ie. demonstrative adjective and pronoun. Itu is close to that but wider in its practice.

    In short, itu can point to everything from abstract to concrete :)


    Halo dunia! I have found this sentence, Apa yang indah itu baik, dan apa yang baik itu pasti indah.

    Now, my question is, how can this Indonesian structure be valid without using yang?

    I am guessing if this would have the same meaning:

    Yang indah itu baik.


    Dude.. How do you manage concentrating your attention on 30+ languages!? That's insane!


    Wow dude 90+ languages, amazing. You're certainly getting value for money.


    The English doesn't sound natural, unfortunately.

    [deactivated user]

      (From Australia) it sounds like a normal sentence. Maybe its just the way we structure sentences, cause we do slang with that too.


      The male voice is terrible!!


      this doesnt make sense ahahahah


      I agree, I tried "Beauty is good" and was corrected that it was supposed to be "Beautiful is good" but that doesn't read well at all. The English for a lot of these could be improved.


      Beauty is good is accepted now.

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