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"Ayam kalian lebih jahat daripada saya."

Translation:Your chicken is more evil than me.

August 17, 2018



I suppose 'than I am' is more correct than just 'than I', but I still think that maybe it should be an alternative answer?


I think "I" would be grammatically incorrect because it's the wrong case. "I" is for the subject of the sentence, "me" for the object.

"Your chicken is more evil than I am" or "Your chicken is more evil than me"


If you use "I" here it's still a subject, the rest of the clause is just omitted.


"Your chicken is more evil than I am" or "Your chicken is more evil than me"

Yes , that's correct.


Comparative adjectives: using than

We use than when we mention the second person or thing in the comparison. If the second person mentioned takes the form of a personal pronoun, we normally use the object form of the pronoun (me, you, him, her, us, them):

Could you carry this? You’re stronger than me.

Not: You’re stronger than I.

Why did you choose Robert? Marie is more experienced than him.

In more formal situations, instead of than + object pronoun, we can use than + subject pronoun + be:

You managed to answer the ten questions correctly? Well, you’re definitely cleverer than I am!

I preferred Henrietta to Dennis. She was always more sociable than he was.


The comparative form is used for comparing two people or things:

He is taller than me.


There is nothing wrong with the sentence "You're stronger than I"; that form is is still in usage and is much more consistent with the rules of European languages than "You're stronger than me". A grammatically correct sentence does not become incorrect when it is no longer the most commonly used form.


"I" wouldn't be wrong and should be accepted, but "me" is actually more common, because "me" in contemporary English also functions as a disjunctive, i.e. the version of the pronoun that is used when the pronoun is separated from the verb somehow. Luckily the "me" version is already accepted. ^,^


Couldn't it also mean: Their chicken is more evil than mine (chicken)?


That would be "Ayam kalian lebih jahat daripada YANG saya."


Their chicken = ayam mereka. Kalian = you (plural)


It's bad English to say "than me" in this case - it should be "than I". Think of the example "she loves you more than me" vs "she loves you more than I". They mean different things!


I don't think this is quite correct. And it's certainly very common for native speakers to relax "Me vs I" rules anyway.


Why is "saya" in this case not assumed to be 'my chicken'?


Saya is a first person personal pronoun and always refers to the speaker.


a kind of "ANGRY BIRD" versi indonesia wkwkwk


Chicken is more evil than human?


When cock-fighting, which is very common here. :-) LOL

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