"Dia melihat bahwa kamu berubah."

Translation:He saw that you changed.

August 17, 2018

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If "melihat" is translated as present tense: "He sees that you are changing" or "He sees that you have changed." If "melihat" is translated as past tense: "He saw you changing" or "He saw that you changed" or "He saw that you had changed." (In any version, the change must occur before any aspect of it can be observed.)


It is a valid sentence, if awkward in isolation.
"He was very proud of you. He saw that you change. Every time you encounter a new challenge, you try something new to overcome it."


But ' he saw that you change' is not a valid sentence in English .. you need to say ' he saw that you changed' or ' he saw that you have changed'. You could say ' he saw that you change 'your hat'' though.


I just provided an example of how it can be a valid sentence.


I'm still not convinced. To me your example does not work. If you say...He was very proud of you... then the next sentence needs to be in the same tense... He saw that you changed, (or had changed). if you say. He is very proud of you.. the next sentence cannot be 'He saw that you change.' That is just bad English, and it just does not work, for me anyway, sorry.


Because the object of the sentence didn't change just one time in the past.

A clearer example of how you can have a present tense verb when talking about the past

"Yesterday, I saw that you eat meat. You told me you were a vegatarian."


"Dia melihat bahwa kamu berubah."
Translation:He saw that you change.

More translations should be accepted :
He saw that you changed.
He saw that you have changed.
He saw that you had changed.
He sees that you have changed.

I tried the above, and they were all rejected.


Absolutely, absolutely.

At least this is a lot better than the Vietnamese course - in spoken Vietnamese you can generally omit the tense markers, just like in Indonesian - but that course adheres to a strict one-to-one policy of translating sentences, which can catch you off-guard if you are used to using day-to-day Vietnamese.


I think that maybe the English should be 'He saw that you have changed'. It sort of makes sense as is, but maybe that would be better.


He sees that you changed or he saw that you changed would probably be better.


It's accepted now!


Before i thought "that" is in this case using "yang"


Yang gives more information about a noun, whereas bahwa introduces an action (I think the term is subordinate clause?)

So in this case "Kamu berubah" could be a complete sentence, but we put "bahwa" in front of it to make it part of a longer sentence.


If I translate it into Arabic it is clearer: Yang= الذي, the one that, that is... Bahwa= أنّ, used to tape two sentences together in which the second is an explanation of the verb used in the first


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"He saw that you changeD"

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