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Duolingo BETTER than rosetta stone

Post here if you used Rosetta stone BEFORE this and think that Duolingo is better (and less expensive)

March 29, 2013



But Duolingo doesn't allow you to decipher hieroglyphs.


I don't think you need yo know how to do that to learn a language


I KNOW WHAT THE ROSETTA STONE IS! I jus don't think you decipher hieroglyphs to lesrn a language


That depends on your definition of "learning a language". Some just want to be able to read something, while others want to be able to speak it too. If a language no longer exists in spoken form then you might not get much further than learning to understand the written form.

If you want to have a discussion about the best way to learn a language then you should first explain what you think is important when people learn a language. You didn't do that and just asked people to give their opinion, which I did. You can't blame me for talking about something different, because you never specified what you wanted to talk about.


@ Awesomegirl

This is a discussion forum which means that people are expected to be open to reactions by others. If you don't want to have a discussion then don't open a discussion page.


Before I found this I was using Rosetta stone...I wasn't learning the words correctly AND even when I DID know a word,it only lasted 2 seconds


i love duolingo rosetta stone doesnt work(sigh)


yeah,every time i tried it said there was an error


I used the first version of Rosetta Stone (for Hindi), and found it okay for learning, but I'm not a fan. But let's be fair to them: from what I've read from independent reviewers, the latest version is good, and includes some things you can't get on Duolingo, like lessons with a tutor. Nevertheless, it is far too expensive for what it gives.

For those who are interested, below is a link to one independent review I've read. The website it is on has a lot of useful information about language learning:



im sighing for rosetta stone


Here's the thin with Rosetta Stone: they're trying to teach you as if you are a child living in that country; thus the insistence on pictures. Your brain will associate what's being said to the thing, not the English word for it. In theory it works; in practice not so much. You aren't a enter country here child, so you're not always surrounded by that language. If you're in Japan and you speak English at your child but Japanese every other occasion, they'll speak Japanese, not English.


I'll take you guy's word for it and NEVER use Rosetta Stone! (besides, now that I've found Duolingo, I won't ever have any need for it!)


lol true rosseta stone is not NEARLY as good as duolingo


I honestly don't think i will EVER use another website to study foreign language...DUOLINGO IS THE BEST!!!:D


rosetta stone bored the crap out of me. that was the biggest reason I couldn't learn with it. Duolingo is quick and fun for me. I can knock out a lesson while i'm in the toilet, or during commercial breaks on tv, on the train, while having a snack.


I've bought 3 months Rosetta Stone Japanese and German Online Subscription and Fluenz's German 5CDs, and I tried some Pimsleur and Michel Thomas in Audible.com ,I think Fluenz is the only software better than Duolingo, Duolingo is simple and useful but it can not make a person think in that language which Fluenz will do, but Duolingo is better than Rosetta Stone,Rosetta Stone is just for memorizing words, that is all it can help, and only Duolingo is free, by the way, if it comes to Chinese learner, Fluenz's Chinese is the only software which can make sense to a Chinese learner in the market until now (I'm pretty sure for this because Chinese is my mother tongue), and Human Japanese do more good only in Japanese.

  1. we traditionally use too much time to learn grammar,it is really waste of time, but Rosetta totally teach nothing about grammar, just only immersion, yes immersion is the natural way but you will find you'll get very little capability of a language after you finish 5CDs' Rosetta, and you can not really communicate with a foreigner. i give it 45 points

  2. Fluenz balance the immersion and grammar to the perfect degree. i give it 95 points.

  3. Duolingo do the best to what i can do since it is free. i give it 75 points, and it is really simple so i can use it in fragmentary time, that is the feature it is even better than Fluenz, because you may not always use Fluenz in Fragmentary time.

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