"Greetings to you too, goodbye."

Translation:Waalaikumsalam, sampai jumpa.

August 17, 2018

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I thing "selamat tinggal" should be accepted as a translation of "goodbye".


This was the translation given for ‘Greetings to you too, goodbye.’ I selected, ‘Waalaikumsala, selamat tinggal.’ My answer was marked as incorrect ... but isn’t. Both would be correct for goodbye.


I also suggest to include "selamat jalan" as possible translation for "goodbye", seeing that it's listed as suggested translation for it


Selamat jalan is said to a person staying to a person leaving (jalan = journey) whereas selamat tinggal is said by a person leaving to a person staying behind (tinggal = live/remain/stay). Both are correct unless used in the wrong context. Thanks for your comment.

[deactivated user]

    I agree. This needs to be fixed.


    As someone who is Chinese-Indonesian-American and who interacts mostly with Chinese-Indonesians when I'm over there, I never hear anyone use the Arabic greeting. None of the Chinese-Indonesians I know are Muslim. Is this phrase more common in everyday language to Muslim Indonesians?


    Yes it is. Among Muslims it's common. Should imo be put in the spiritual section since it implies being religious.


    Muslim greetings feels very out of place to be put in this lessons, even though they are very widely used in Indonesia

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