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Problem with Festivals test

There is a problem with one of the questions on the "Festivals" test:


The word bank (in Chinese) doesn't contain the words needed for the sentence.

August 17, 2018



Did you report it?


For those new learners who have not reached that yet, 奶奶 (grandma) and 做 (to do/to make) are missing.

If you want to be more intensive with the translation, you can say:

  • 這個啄米粽子是我奶奶做的。
  • 这个啄米粽子是我奶奶做的。

[deactivated user]

    Really, 粽子 is the only word in the word bank for the translation. It looks like Duolingo accidentally gave the wordbank for "have you ever eaten sticky rice dumpling?" instead of "this is the sticky rice dumpling made by my grandma"

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