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  5. "SuvwI' jIH 'e' vIjIn."

"SuvwI' jIH 'e' vIjIn."

Translation:I wish I were a warrior.

August 17, 2018



Think i might be getting the hang of memorising some_ useful mu' tlhIngan Hol. jIn maybe from genie and three wishes (this is a gift some are much harder)


Here's an example of some pun words.

me' mother's sister
'IrneH mother's brother

'e'mam father's sister
tennuS father's brother

me' and 'IrneH are backwards Em and Henry, Dorothy's aunt and uncle in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

'e'mam is Mame backwards. Auntie Mame is the title character of the book and film Auntie Mame.

tennuS: there was an Uncle Tonoose on Make Room for Daddy.

If a noun is multisyllabic and wasn't introduced in the original dictionary or written as a backfit as something that appeared in a Star Trek show, then it's very probably a pun. Some of them get discovered as soon as they're released; others lurk for years without anyone figuring them out.


Oh wow I've been struggling with these and this helps tremendously. Thank you!


Lots and lots of words are "puns" in this way. I find them very useful for memorization.

By the way, it's tlhIngan Hol mu', not mu' tlhIngan Hol. tlhIngan Hol is a noun phrase, not a verb acting like an adjective. When noun phrases modify or describe each other, the modifying phrase goes before the head noun.

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