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"They are from the restaurant."

Translation:Mereka dari restoran.

August 17, 2018



"Mereka dari restorannya" is the right answer proposed in the three propositional sentences. Where does "nya" at the end of restoran come from ? Does it change the noun into an adjective, for example ?


On top of my head I can think of two function of the suffix "-nya"

  1. To indicate possession, as in "restorannya" (meaning his/her/its restaurant).

  2. To specify a particular object, as in "ini restorannya" (meaning this is THE restaurant)

"Mereka dari restorannya" doesn't sound right in this context, though. Because if you want to point out that they are from a particular restaurant, you would be better off using "Mereka dari restoran itu". Just omit the "nya" if you mean a restaurant in general


Maybe it's a restaurant that both the speaker and listener are familiar with, like say someone who works at a restaurant brings home some pies after work and explains to the family that, "Mererka dari restorannya."


Why is it that the correct answer above (Mereka dari restoran) is not one of the options? The correct option shows as "Mereka dari restoran itu" which does not seem to be the same thing.


Help someone answer this question pls


Suffix "-nya" indicates possession. So the word "restorannya" means his/her restaurant. "The" in english can be used to point specific thing, in Bahasa we can point something specific by adding the word "itu". So the sentence "mereka dari restoran itu" is acceptable.


Why is using "ada" wrong in this sentence?


what's your sentence?


"ada" means "to exist"


L'application ne fonctionne pas sur cette phrase qui tourne en boucle!

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