"Oranges and apples."

Translation:Jeruk dan apel.

August 17, 2018

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Why isn't it jeruk-jeruk dan apel-apel? I thought that when something was plural, you duplicated it. Is this not always the case? How do you know when/when not to duplicate a noun, then, if not? Are both correct, based on context? Why/why not??


Reduplication may be done, but when the context is clear, it is omitted.


Yes, how is it clear that its in plural?


There are explicit plural in Indonesian, and implicit plural.

Jeruk can be plural or singular if you are not explicit. And jeruk-jeruk is the explicit plural. Sebuah jeruk/satu jeruk is the explicit singular.

Jeruk dan apel = oranges and apples, or, orange and apple.
Jeruk-jeruk dan apel-apel = oranges and apples.
sebuah jeruk dans sebuah apel = an orange and an apple.

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