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"Nama saya Andi, saya dua puluh tahun."

Translation:My name is Andi, I am twenty years old.

August 17, 2018



Why is "umur" not needed in this sentence, but it is for the sentences on here without the first clause? Like, there are some on here that read "Umur saya dua puluh tahun," but this one doesn't have the umur in the second clause. Why not?


Like, there are some on here that read "Umur saya dua puluh tahun," but this one doesn't have the umur in the second clause. Why not?

They both mean the same.
It's just another sentence construction :

"Umur saya dua puluh tahun," = "My age is twenty years"
"Saya dua puluh tahun" = "I am twenty years"


If you wanna use umur, it should be Saya berumur dua puluh tahun.

Umur = noun Berumur = verb


but it fine to use umur, it has same meaning, just more simple to speak, Indonesia is tricky haha


Hi, what would be the difference between these 2 sentences and which would be the correct one "Berumur saya sepuluh tahun" and "Saya berumur sepuluh tahun"


If you use "berumur" the right sentence will be "Saya berumur sepuluh tahun" And if you use "umur" the right sentence is "Umur saya sepuluh tahun" It is actually the same. But if you use "berumur saya sepuluh tahun" it will be wrong. Hope it help and sorry for my bad English..


Many times when the context is clear enough, u may omit them. Its like saying the sentence 'kucing itu hitam' to describe its colour instead of using complete sentence 'kucing itu berwarna hitam'

U may say 'Saya dua puluh tahun' instead of using 'saya berumur dua puluh tahun'. Both are correct


It's like you say in english: I am twenty.


I learnt it as "Siapa umurmu?" for questions, and then answering as "umur saya dua puluh" Or in this sentence "Nama saya Andi, umur saya dua puluh" Would that just be the most basic form as a way to learn and this is what most people would speak in real life??


This is the most straightforward language i know. It is like tagalog. Normaly it would be like that


Also the Maranao language from Lanao del Sur in Mindanao, some of them also use "duapulo" for twenty (a friend told me)


Lol seriously duolingo


I put the number 20 instead of worrying it out and it said i was wrong.


I KNOW RIGHT this is scam


Tried to make the English more grammatical by adding "and" between the clauses (i e. With a comma but no conjunction, the English is a comma splice)--Duo wasn't buying.


The original sentence didn't have 'dan' in it, so 'and' would indeed be counted wrong


"I am twenty" should be accepted as well. Having to use "years old" every time we do the exercise could feel a bit redundant.


Absolutely. The Indonesian translation also feels sometimes very fixed, when several different translations would be still be technically perfect Indonesian.


❤❤❤ kunt u uit al deze talen nog wijs worden


no want ik ben bijna 88 jaar maar ik wil met deze carona virus nog proberen om mijn hersens op een rijtje te hebben u you tog ook


Someone explain dua puluh? Both words mean twenty?


yes, 'dua puluh' means twenty


I translated this sentence correctly twice. Still telling me translation is not correct


This is incorrect grammar. It is two separate sentences, and needs to be joined with a comma and an and because it's a compound sentence.

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They're separated by a comma now.


I have go this correct 3 times & it keeps saying IM wrong ????????


My answer is correct???

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