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  5. "We talk about the terms."

"We talk about the terms."

Translation:Nous parlons des termes.

March 29, 2013



Is there a reason we cannot use "des termes" here if given the phrase as a translation from english to french?


There is a confusion here:

"nous parlons du terme" can be either a "word" or a financial "term" for example.

I can see no reason, in either case, to move from singular to plural or vice-versa.


So are you saying that the correct answer should be des termes instead of du terme?


What I am saying is that if you are given a singular, you can translate in singular and if a plural in plural. "we talk about the terms" -> "nous parlons des termes".


That's what I thought as well. Merci!


but the site only accepts the singular translation as correct. even when the given sentence is in the plural form and i translated it accordingly...


Yes, I saw that. This time, other than an error, I don't see any good reason.

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