"Saya membuka suratnya."

Translation:I open the letter.

August 17, 2018

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It accepted my "I opened her letter," but suggests "I open the letter." Doesn't the -nya suffix require his, her, or its?


The suffix -nya can also be used to put emphasis on the word it is attached to. This is often done to refer to previous mentions of the object. In this case, suratnya could for example broadly mean "that one letter which I mentioned before"

But I agree that his/her letter should be accepted as correct as well.


Which, of course, is what "the" means. I'm beginning to see that itu and -nya are much more "the" than they were originally billed. Now, I just have to get a handle on "yang."


Agreed, -nya implies the letter belongs to "him" or "her".


why is this not 'open his letter'? why is it suppose to be 'the' when there is no 'itu' in the sentence?


Shouldn't open open other's letter.


Hi Tony, yes people shouldn't, but in the Duo Lingo world bananas can sleep and cats are omniscient. =)

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