"Who built this school?"

Translation:Siapa yang membangun sekolah ini?

August 17, 2018



why "Siapa membangun sekolah ini?" is wrong?

September 29, 2018


It has similar meaning.. but it is not perfect formal sentence. Yang represent who in the sentence. Who has built this school (siapa yang membangun sekolah ini?) Siapa yang telah membangun sekolah ini? (has/present perfect/ in bahasa telah)

The answer: Yang membangun sekolah ini ibu Sara. ATAU Ibu Sara yang membangun sekolah ini.

Madam Sara built this school. Madam Sara has built this school.

March 25, 2019


What is the function of "yang" here? Would the sentence be the same without it?

August 17, 2018


Same question

October 7, 2018


try this http://www.joeygoesglobal.com/?p=1326 or search Google for how to use yang in indonesian

September 2, 2018
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