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  5. "Umur kamu sepuluh tahun."

"Umur kamu sepuluh tahun."

Translation:You are ten years old.

August 17, 2018



Is "Umur" needed or can you omit it?


Is "Umur" needed or can you omit it?

You can omit it.
The sentence will still have the same meaning.

Different structure, same meaning, something like this

"Umur kamu sepuluh tahun." = Your age is ten years.
"Kamu sepuluh tahun." = You are ten years.


Would "Kamu sepuluh tahun umur" also be correct?


Yes it sounds weird haha

But if you add "-nya" at the end of umur, that will be natural and informal

"Kamu sepuluh tahun umurnya"


So what does this "-nya" mean? Why does it make it correct again?


The -nya suffix means most of the time the possessive for the 3rd person. So it's "his" or "her".

Umur = a age/the age.
Umurnya = his age/her age.

But it can also means "the", depending the context.
Umurnya = his age/her age/the age.

Sometimes it's also the third person plural (their), but until now, I heard rather "mereka" than -nya to express "their".

But I don't know why the -nya added makes the sentence natural again. If someones knows, please tell us.

[deactivated user]

    no, it sounds weird


    No, indonesian people use "kamu umur sepuluh tahun"

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    I feel like "You are 10" should be accepted. You'd never say "Your age is 10" in English.


    You could put you are 10 years old


    the intonation look like a question, not a statement.


    I don't think so.

    Yes, the sentence maybe can used to interogative sentence, if you change point (.) to question mark (?) . And then, if you do it, the intonation must be change to question.

    But, the sentence is statement, not question. Follow the mark on the after last word.

    The sentence will changed to question if you add question word in the first word on the sentence, like "Apakah".

    So if you add "apakah" the sentence will become "Apakah kamu berusia 10 tahun?" In English "Are you ten years old?"


    "Your age is ten years." is not a valid answer?


    I feel this should be a valid response also. Despite feeling awkward in English it's a more direct translation.


    So, if it's awkward in English, it's not a valid response. We have to keep the English natural, not to translate literally.


    Not only native english speakers are using this app. For me, your age is ten sounds much more natural.


    Normally 10 instead of ten is okay, now I get a mistake...


    Try to always write the full words, not the numbers. There's a rule on Duolingo, that they decided to accept only words, not number; And by the way the translation of "Umur kamu 10 tahun" is strictly "You are 10", here you have to make the (very small) effort to write the word.


    Umur kamu sepuluh tahun


    I write "umur kamu 10 tahun" why wrong?


    Can i say umurumu sepualah tahun


    There are mistakes. "mu" is a possessive suffix for a noun (=your), and "umuru" is not a noun. The noun is "umur" and the verb is berumur".

    Also "sepualah" doesn't exist, it's "sepuluh"

    Umurmu = your age.
    Umurmu sepuluh tahun = correct.

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