"Saya pergi ke Bali puluhan kali."

Translation:I went to Bali tens of times.

August 17, 2018

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"tens of times" isn't really an expression in English. even though it's not a direct translation of the Indonesian word I would say "dozens of times"


It's funny..."hundreds" or "thousands" or "millions of times" sound fine. But "tens of" just... doesn't.

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I just submitted "I go to Bali dozens of times." as a solution...


The problem is that this lesson also teaches "dozen" so it could be confusing, but I agree


I agree with the comments above. But I have a problem with the present tense here. I would say, 'i have been to Bali dozens of times'


It may not be a natural sentence in English and it really doesn't matter, all we need to know is how to use "puluhan" in a sentence.


Maybe it is correct in Indonesian but in English the expression 'tens of times' doesn't exist. We tend to use 'dozens' as a substitute for tens.


There is no direct translation for the word dozens. Therefore if you wish to express the thought of dozens of things, use the word "puluhan", as it is the nearest substitute.

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