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Hi, fellow languages enthusiasts! I was planning to focus only on Spanish for a couple of months but when the Indonesian course was launched, I wanted to try it and I absolutely loved the language and plan on continuing learning it.

First of all, I want to thanks Duolingo and everyone who made this course possible. I hope it will allow more people to discover the rich culture of Indonesia, just like I did.

The purpose of this post is to share our resources to learn Indonesian. It can be songs, books, podcasts, applications. Anything that you'd like to share in this beautiful language. Hopefully, this thread can become a place to share and discover new content in Indonesian.

Thank you all for reading and I'm looking forward to discovering more of this language :) Saya saku Bahasa Indonesia!

(PS: If a thread like this one already exists, which would surprise me since I searched a lot, please forgive me)

August 17, 2018


I've found that there's quite a lot of resources listed on this page: All of these resources are (supposedly) free, so hopefully they'll be helpful to you! :)

August 17, 2018

Good resourse, thanks. Another languages are there too.

August 18, 2018

They are indeed useful! Thanks for your answer

August 18, 2018

For those interested, the best app for translating I have found is Google Translate ... and the overall best for translating words is IndoDic, which is still only a Windows program ... but will give you all of the variation of a base word, which helps you make some sense of how Indo words are formed. The best book I have used is Oxford, A student’s guide to Indonesian grammar; and for beginners there is a little pocket size book which I have given away which I think is called 1001 indonesian Words ... or something similar.

August 18, 2018

I will definitely consider these books, thanks a lot for the tips!

August 18, 2018

TV shows (Apparently no Indonesia subtitle)

CNN Indonesia :

Net TV :

Kompas TV :

This is a good exaple of our president speech, with a headline "Jokowi tell everyone about the country problem" :

Fairy Tales in bahasa Indonesia (With English subtitle):

August 26, 2018

Awesome, thanks! Sometimes it's hard to find stuff on Youtube...

August 28, 2018

Search for Pak Martin on YouTube. An American family living in Indonesia who makes videos in Bahasa.

August 29, 2018


August 17, 2018

Thank you very much! I am sure these will benefit many people, including me.

August 17, 2018

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI)

Indonesian dictionary.

August 18, 2018

The Indonesian Way is a great online textbook I used when I first started learning BI. Someone else mentioned IndoDic, which is a pretty comprehensive online dictionary.

August 20, 2018

Great links everyone, thanks. For German speakers, the most compact and useful guide I've come across to is the following:

August 27, 2018

I love the Drops app as it's very visual (you learn words from pictures). Also, done some great courses on Memrise (some Indonesian courses on there suck though). On YouTube there's a channel called Easy Languages which has some Indonesian videos to help you learn. Viki has some Indonesian movies/tv shows (not all have full eng sub though). Also, listening to the radio helps (I downloaded an app on my phone) or you can just look up Indonesian songs on YouTube and find a playlist (I love too many songs and artists to name them all, as I've been listening to Indonesian music for a few years now). Those are the resources I'm using and like anyway. There's plenty out there though and I came here because I'm looking for more resources so terima kasih for everyone's comments!

September 15, 2018

Saya juga suka Bahasa Indonesia. Saya bisa berbicara di Bali dengang orang Bali . Saya bisa minta makanan, pesan kamar, berbicara dengan sopir taksi dan saya bisa menyanyi Burung kakatua. Orang Bali suka saya menyanyi.

January 10, 2019
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